Tuition fees for taught postgraduate programmes

As a student at the University of St Andrews you will be expected to pay fees every year that you are in attendance. Fees may increase annually during the course of your study. The amount you will have to pay depends on the degree you are studying for and your fee status.

Fee status

Your fee status will determine the level of tuition fees you will have to pay. You should query your fee status with us if you are unsure which fee category will apply to you.

If you wish to query your fee status, you must do this prior to receiving a decision on your application. Acceptance of an offer constitutes acceptance of the conditions outlined in the offer, including fee status. You may request a review of your fee status by emailing and we will ask you to complete our Fee Status Questionnaire.

Information regarding fee status can be found on the UKCISA website. UKCISA is the UK's national advisory body serving the interests of students and those who work with them.

Tuition fees for 2019-2020

A list of the tuition fees for all postgraduate taught courses for 2019-2020 can be found below.