Reach at the University of St Andrews

Reach Scotland is a national programme, established through support from the Scottish Funding Council, with the overall aim of widening participation in high demand professions. Five universities facilitate Reach, and each university covers a different region of Scotland:

  • University of Aberdeen - Law, Medicine
  • University of Dundee - Medicine, Law, Dentistry
  • University of Edinburgh - Law, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine
  • University of Glasgow - Dentistry, Law, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
  • University of St Andrews - Medicine, Economics, Management, Psychology

Three students in lab coats holding up test tubes

The St Andrews Reach programme offers students in Fife a taste of studying these high-demand subject areas at a Scottish university, as well as giving them the opportunity to explore the professions such degrees might lead to in depth. The programme is delivered in many different ways:

  • In-person and online events about the four Reach subjects, given by academics and Admissions staff.
  • Information about the career paths open to students studying the four Reach subjects.
  • Study support sessions to aid pupils with their National 5 and Higher revision.
  • Personal statement and UCAS application advice.
  • The opportunity to apply for our Sutton Trust Summer School.

A group of students jump into the air on cobblestones.

Hear from some of our S6 Reach students

"I have found the Reach programme very helpful as it has given me an insight into what university is like by staying in the halls of residence, attending lectures, and seeing what the social side of university is like.

This programme has reassured me that university life is not as scary as I originally thought!"


"Participating in the Reach programme is one of the best decisions I have made.

Taking part in their summer school programme and experience days gave me a valuable insight that has benefitted me going forth in the university application process.

I gained the confidence and knowledge I needed to take the right steps in choosing my future pathway."


“At the summer school I attended, I met and made friends with a bunch of people from all over the UK.

Alongside the jam-packed timetable based on the subjects I picked, this allowed me to really feel like I was a university student and gave me the chance to participate in a multitude of university activities such as societies.

Thanks to the Reach programme, I’m now confident to say that I know what university entails and I’ve had the pleasure to participate in activities that wouldn’t have done if not for Reach!”