QuVis: The University of St Andrews Quantum Mechanics Visualisation project

About QuVis

QuVis is a collection of research-based interactive simulations for the learning and teaching of quantum mechanics concepts ranging from the advanced high school level to advanced undergraduate university level. Simulations build on existing education research and target areas of difficulty in quantum mechanics. Development is informed by student input, and simulations and activities are iteratively refined using student feedback from individual student observation sessions and in-class trials to optimize their educational effectiveness. Simulations are designed to help students make connections between multiple representations, explore relationships between quantities and compare and contrast different situations. Suggestions for further simulations are always welcome; please email Antje Kohnle, ak81@st-andrews.ac.uk.

All simulations can be run and downloaded from the website. Our new HTML5 simulations run on both desktop computers and tablet-based devices. The older Flash simulations are not supported on touchscreen devices. The Flash simulations can be run using a standard web browser as long as Adobe Flash Player is installed. If users wish to run the simulations as a stand-alone application, they can download the stand-alone player (called the Flash Player Projector) from the Adobe website. The stand-alone player is available for all common PC operating systems.

QuVis gratefully acknowledges funding from the UK Institute of Physics, the UK Higher Education Academy and the University of St Andrews for the development of these resources.

The QuVis team

Simulations and activities have been developed by Antje Kohnle, who leads the QuVis project.

The following academic staff members are or have been involved in QuVis:

Charles Baily, Donatella Cassettari, Margaret Douglass, Tom Edwards, Alastair Gillies, Georg Haehner, Christopher Hooley, Friedrich Koenig, Natalia Korolkova, Brendon Lovett, Mark Paetkau and Bruce Sinclair.

Torsten Franz of the Technical University of Braunschweig developed the German translations of the simulation texts for the HTML5 simulations available in German.

The following students are or have been involved in the coding of the simulations:

2015: Tomi Baikie, Nicola Pinzani and Aluna Rizzoli
2014 - 2015: Alex Jamieson-Binnie and Felix Kress
2014: Paul Sinclair
2013 - 2015: JiaHeng Eik
2013: Gytis Kulaitis and Maya Petkova
2012 - 2014: Martynas Prokopas
2012 - 2013: Inna Bozhinova
2012: Chris Carroll
2011 - 2012: Aleksejs Fomins
2011: David Canning
2009-2010: Joe Llama
2009: Liam Atkinson

The following undergraduate physics students have completed final year research projects working on QuVis evaluation studies:

2015: Erica Deffebach and Carl Humphreys
2014: Anna Campbell and Scott Ruby
2013: Bruce Torrance
2012: Cory Benfield
2011: Callum Ferguson

Creative Commons Licence
These materials are distributed under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND licence, see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/uk/

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