Dr Joseph  Millum

Dr Joseph Millum

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

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Dr. Millum is currently Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at St Andrews University. He also serves as a consultant to the World Health Organisation and he is the Chairperson of the International Society for Priorities in Health. Prior to arriving at St Andrews, Dr. Millum worked at the US National Institutes of Health for 15 years - in the Clinical Center Department of Bioethics and the Fogarty International Center.

Research areas

Dr. Millum's research spans various topics in bioethics and applied ethics. These include: (1) Health care priority-setting; (2) Health research priority-setting; (3) Consent; (4) The ethics of research with human participants; (5) Bioethical theory; (6) The ethics of parenthood. His books include Global Justice and Bioethics (2012), The Moral Foundations of Parenthood (2018), Global Health Priority-Setting: Beyond Cost-Effectiveness (2020), and A Theory of Bioethics (2021). Full texts of Dr. Millum's articles are available at josephmillum.com.

PhD supervision

  • David MacDonald

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