Prof Jessica Brown

Prof Jessica Brown


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Research areas

Epistemology, moral and epistemic responsibility, philosophical methodology

Prof Brown’s main areas of research are epistemology, responsibility, and philosophical methodology.

Within epistemology, she works on a wide range of issues concerning both individual and group epistemology, including evidence, knowledge, justification and defeat, the closure and transmission of knowledge and warrant, fallibilism vs infallibilism, contextualism vs invariantism, scepticism, the epistemic norms of assertion and practical reasoning, blameworthy belief, epistemic blame.

Within responsibility, Prof Brown is interested in both epistemic and moral responsibility as it affects both individuals and groups. She is currently writing a book on group epistemology and responsibility.

Within philosophical methodology, Prof Brown is interested in a range of methodological issues including the nature of philosophy (it’s subject matter and evidence); the role of ordinary language, linguistics and conceptual analysis in philosophy; thought experiments and intuitions; and, sources of scepticism about philosophy (disagreement, evolutionary debunking worries, experiment philosophy).

PhD supervision

  • Nick Kuespert
  • Victor Tamburini
  • Nathan Bray
  • Frederik Andersen
  • Daniel Garibay Garcia
  • Patrick Winther-Larsen

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