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De rede: bron van geluk voor iedereen [Reason: a source of happiness for all – an introduction to the philosophy of Adriaan Koerbagh]

11 November 2019

PhD candidate Hannah Laurens has published a book: De rede: bron van geluk voor iedereen – Inleiding tot de filosofie van Adriaan Koerbagh 1633-1669 [Reason: A Source of Happiness for All – An Introduction to the Philsophy of Adriaan Koerbagh] (Uitgeverij Vantilt)

Adriaan Koerbagh (1633-1669) was severely punished for his strong criticism of the 17th-century church. Behind this religious dissenter, however, lay a creative spirit with a positive message far ahead of its time. What exactly was the content of this message? What were Koerbagh's original insights and ideals?

Reason: A Source of Happiness for All explores the constructive aspect of Koerbagh's philosophy. He is revealed to be a rationalist at heart. Reason, according to Koerbagh, is both the pathway to valid knowledge and fundamental to the realisation of a successful state. Above all, reason is an instrument of self-realisation and personal happiness.