Organise and clean your files on OneDrive and Microsoft Teams

Audience: Academic staff, Professional staff

Date: Tuesday 29 October 2024

Times: 11.00 to 11.30

Key details: Reduce clutter and improve productivity by spring cleaning your digital files.

Course information

In this session, we will look at tips to clean up your OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.  We will look at:

  • Accessing your OneDrive and reviewing your largest files
  • How to delete or move the files you still need into a shared place and organise files
  • Create folders to organise files in your OneDrive
  • Review files in Teams you own and move or delete files no longer required
  • Review Teams you own and delete historical Teams no longer required
  • Empty the recycle bin
  • Consider time blocking the process so as you can regularly keep on top of your digital file management


Fiona Philip

Course provider

IT Services