St Andrews Online Studio Induction

Audience: Academic staff

Date: Monday 14 October 2024

Times: 10.00 to 12.00

Course information

This course is for academic staff involved in creating online courses through the DEIS or DEISS programmes.

The Digital Media Team will give an introduction to the media studio’s at Walter Bower House, you will learn about the services they offer, the technology available and explain how they can assist you in developing your online course.
Digital Education Developers will join the session to give an overview of how the pre-filmed media content fits into the relevant online learning platform (Moodle/Canvas) and into the learning experience as a whole.

Aims and objectives

  • To introduce the Digital Education and Digital Media Developers and the services they offer.
  • To visit the media suite at Walter Bower House and see the technologies available.
  • To understand the process of creating pre-recorded media content for your St Andrews Online course.
  • To understand how pre-recorded content fits into the wider design of your course in Moodle or Canvas.


Stuart Reid

Heather Jeffrey

Colin Reid


Walter Bower House Digital Media Suite

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