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Information management and IT

Information literacy; Microsoft office; bibliographic software; Outlook; Terminalfour Site Manager; Qlikview; other University software.

Adobe Illustrator - Introduction to Vector Graphics

Date: Wed 27 Mar 2019
Time: 900 -1300
Key details: Digital Media Introductory Session


Mr Owen Daily

Course provider

Website: CAPOD



Butts Wynd PC Classroom, Butts Wynd

Course information

Working with Illustrator CS4, this hands-on course provides an introduction to this highly versatile industry-standard vector drawing and design package. Participants will learn techniques to create their own unique high-quality illustrations,  diagrams, charts, and logos for producing a wide range of media from academic posters to event and marketing materials using the key functions of Adobe Illustrator while learning the fundamental principles of design.

(NOTE: This course is not open to Taught Postgraduates)

Aims and objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what vector based design packages are best suited to producing, and how to use your designs in Photoshop, InDesign and MS Office
  • Create Basic Documents - find your way around the tools, create custom workspaces, take advantage of built-in Templates, Artboards and Profiles
  • Draw in Illustrator use the pen tool effectively, edit paths, use Live Trace to transform images or hand-drawn sketches into vector artwork to create logos and simple shapes
  • Modify objects easily using rulers, smart-guides, lasso selections, and alignment tools
  • Work with Colour get the best out of colour palettes and swatches, apply colours to stroke and fills, create gradients
  • Work with Type to create logos, headline and paragraph text, outline text for printing and adding fancy effects
  • Output for print and web saving and sharing your work in the best format for others; whether colleagues, students or publishers



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