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Technology enhanced learning

Lecture Capture Workshop

Date: Tue 30 Apr 2019
Time: 1100 to 1300


Mr Daryl Haynes

Course provider

Website: CAPOD



Swallowgate PC Classroom, School of Classics, Butts Wynd

Course information

In this Workshop you will Learn how to use our lecture capture system Panopto. The course contains the following:

1.       How to install Panopto on your machine.

2.       How to make a recording using Panopto

a.       Classroom environment

b.       Office environment


3.       How to edit your recording

a.       Basic

b.       Advanced

4.       How to approve your recording

5.       How your recording will appear in Moodle

6.       How to embed a recording into your course on Moodle


Aims and objectives

You will be able to use Panopto in both a classroom environment and office environment.



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