Dr Roberta Cimino

Dr Roberta Cimino

BA, MA (Bologna); PhD (St Andrews)



Contact details
Email: rc495@st-andrews.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)1334 462197
Fax : +44 (0)1334 463334





Research Interests

Having completed my PhD at St Andrews (2014), I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Frankfurt before moving to the University of Nottingham as a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow. I returned to St Andrews in September 2018.

My research interests include politics, space, and women in early medieval Europe from the eight to the tenth centuries. I am interested in the political and economic history of the Carolingian empire, as well as in the consequences of its dissolution in 888. I am currently completing my first monograph on queens in the kingdom of Italy, which investigates the roles queens played in a very turbulent region of the Carolingian empire. Italy is also the focus of my research project on the royal fisc, the landed wealth controlled by rulers. This project explores the location, function, and administration of Italian royal estates in order to gain a deeper understanding of the relations between rulers, aristocracies, and local communities.



Articles and book chapters

  • ‘Royal Women and Gendered Communication: Female Voices in Carolingian Diplomas’, L’Homme. European Journal of Feminist History, 26.1 (2015), pp. 11−24.
  • [with T. Geelhaar and S. Schwandt] ‘Digital Approaches to Historical Semantics: New Research Directions at Frankfurt University’, Storicamente, 11 (2015), n. 7.
  • ‘Il patrimonio di Angelberga e la sua dislocazione territoriale’, in L. Guidi, M.R. Pellizzari, eds., Nuove frontiere per la storia di genere. Atti del convegno SIS 2010 (Salerno 2013), vol. 2, pp. 105−111.
  • ‘Angelberga, il monastero di San Sisto di Piacenza e il corso del fiume Po’, in T. Lazzari, ed., Il patrimonio delle regine: beni del fisco e politica regia tra IX e X secolo, Reti Medievali-Rivista, 13.2 (2012), pp. 141–162.

Teaching Duties

Dr Cimino offers the following Honours courses:
•           ME3223 The Rise and Fall of the Carolingian Empire, c. 750-900
•           ME3232 Queens and Queenship in Early Mediaeval Europe

She also lectures and teaches in the sub-honours courses:
•           ME1003 The Fall of Rome and the Origins of Europe (400-1000)
•           HI2001 History as a Discipline: Development and Key Concepts