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Carl Feif was a son of Donald/Donat [SSNE 782]and Karin Borielsdotter (in her second marriage). He lived from 1649-1720. His brother was Donat jr [SSNE 4691], a goldsmith. He was the grandson of Alexander Feif and his uncles were David [SSNE 708], and James [SSNE 4779] who had moved to Sweden in the first decades of the seventeenth century and become burgesses of Stockholm. Solomon [SSNE 6679] was apparently another uncle but does not feature in SBL. In 1683 Karl XI ordered överståthållare Gyllenstierna to install Carl Feif in the office of Councillor of Stockholm. Gyllenstierna in delayed doing so, saying Feif had not presented himself, and nor did he know the person in question. Nevertheless, three years previously the king had twice ordered that Feif, because of his good services, and being the son of a Councillor, should be made Councillor e. o. (extra ordinarie). The city had long tried to delay carrying out the order, but at length they had to cede to king's wishes. But the King also decreed that these new Councillors (including Feif) were not to burden the state while they waited to be appointed to a regular Councillorship, and were to be content with the salaries they at present had. On 26 October 1683, the King instructed the överståthållare to make sure Feif maintained his place in the queue to become a full rådman. However, for years he was held back, despite occasional messages from king. Others passed him and became Councillors, and he remained at the same low salary. However the king did not forget him due to his several protests. Finally, in 1691, the city had to obey the king and Feif was made rådman e.o., with the appropriate salary retroactive to 1684. In 1693 Feif was made a full Councillor. That year he served as one of a commission to investigate the manufacturing operations of the 'barnhus', and the following year he served as one of a commission to measure plots of land in Stockholm and estimate appropriate taxes for them. The same month, April 1694, the Kommerskollegium discussed the problem of foreign textiles, including smuggling, which was endangering local textile production. Present at the discussion were the 4 burgomasters who make up the Handelskollegium, one of whom was Carl Feif. In 1710 he participated in the Riksdag held at Stockholm as councillor for the town.

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Service record

Arrived 1680-01-01
Departed 1720-12-31