Glennis Ayuk shares her journey to earning her MSc in Health Data Science.

27 September 2023

Glennis Ayuk, MD, is a medical doctor and creative writer ( from Cameroon. She founded and led a digital health startup, (AsaHealth), which will be launching its first product (Medda) this December!

(Photo. Glennis Ayuk in her University of St Andrews Hoodie. Taken from: LinkedIn) 

In her recent LinkedIn post, Glennis reflects on her year-long journey studying for an MSc in Digital Health (now renamed Health Data Science) at the University of St Andrews. The MSc in Health Data Science involves collaboration with the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Studies (GSIS), the School of Medicine, and the School of Computer Science, showcasing the importance of interdisciplinarity. 

Glennis expresses her enthusiasm for the university, stating, "I think St Andrews is the best uni in the world." She appreciates the skill-driven nature of her studies, emphasising that "that's what education should be."

Despite facing personal challenges, she acknowledges the support she received from the GSIS, saying, “cheers to the GSIS for the very many times you accommodated the circumstances. You’ve earned your place in my heart." Glennis also credits her course directors, particularly Prof Silvia Paracchini and Dr David Harris-Birtill, for their contagious passion and their share in helping her “[birth her] diamond.” She adds that Prof Paracchini is the main reason she is now a "genomics-obsessed MD."

Glennis highlights the significance of forming productive friendships, emphasising the importance of a social network that shares the same drive for excellence: "I am proud to be of a group of young Africans who have learned and continue to learn how to get things done."

Ultimately, her message is clear: "dare to commit to something. Especially if you love that something, you just might have the time of your life bringing it to life!" Glennis concludes by sharing that this journey has made her a "ForeverSaint.” 

The University of St Andrews and the GSIS greatly values its vibrant, stimulating postgraduate community, and stories like Glennis’ only make all the effort put into bringing students together and fostering interdisciplinary identity even more worth it. Cheers to Glennis and the GSIS indeed! 

Full post on Glennis Ayuk’s LinkedIn.