Cycle registration

Thank you for visiting the University of St Andrews Cycle Registration Scheme. In registering your cycle, the University of St Andrews can help fight crime and better manage cycles both on campus and within the town.

Safe cycling

This scheme was initiated following a spate of bicycle thefts across the University in 2016-17. This is a gentle reminder to all cyclists to ensure the frame of your bicycle is locked to an immovable object (ideally a metal bicycle loop) with a lock rated by the 'Sold Secure' scheme of 5 or higher.

Staff and students are now able to purchase discounted D-locks from the University's Online Shop , to be picked up from designated locations across campus. More information about cycle safely

This is also a reminder to all cyclists to please read and follow the British Highway Code when cycling. This is summarised in Your handy guide to cycling in St Andrews. It should be highlighted that it is against the law to cycle without lights at night (white for the front, red for the back). As soon as street lighting is activated, so should your lights. Multiple copies of the Highway Code are available to loan from the University Library.

Cycle regulations

The University of St Andrews has a designated number of cycle parking areas. All staff and students who use cycles to travel to campus are encouraged to use these designated areas.

Parking in designated areas helps the University manage the impact of cycles on the town.

Please read the Cycle Parking Regulations before proceeding to complete your application.

Thank you, and safe cycling.