Dr Katie Stevenson

Dr Katie Stevenson

BA (Hons), PhD, FSA Scot, FSA, FRHistS, FRSA
Senior Lecturer in Late Mediaeval History

Contact Details

E-mail - kcs7@st-andrews.ac.uk
Telephone - +44 (0)1334 462908
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Teaching and Research Interests

A graduate of medieval history from the universities of Melbourne and Edinburgh, Katie Stevenson's main research interests centre on culture as a mode of communication in the exercise of power in the late Middle Ages. She is particularly interested in the fifteenth century and mostly works with Scottish source materials. She has researched and written on chivalric culture in late medieval Scotland and, in particular, its role in political life; the cultural life of the royal courts (including gift-giving practices, court rituals and pastimes); the development of the role of officers of arms (heralds); and the orders of chivalry in late medieval Europe. She has recently written the late medieval volume of the New History of Scotland series published by Edinburgh University Press, entitled Power and Propaganda: Scotland, 1306-1488.  Katie is also interested in the relationship between chivalry and emerging identities in late medieval Europe and in the commemoration of late medieval events in modern and contemporary Scotland. Katie’s current research project, The Power of Pedigree: The Stewart Dynasty and the Foundations of Royal Authority is an exploration of the relationship between dynasticism and propaganda in the creation, assertion and maintenance of authority.

Katie Stevenson teaches a broad range of themes in late medieval European history and offers specialised teaching on England and Scotland in the fifteenth century; Renaissance Scotland; chivalry and elite culture; and medieval St Andrews.

Main Publications

For a full list of Katie Stevenson’s publications please see her profile on Research@StAndrews


  • Power and Propaganda: Scotland, 1306-1488 (Edinburgh University Press, 2014). [Details]
  • The Herald in Late Medieval Europe (Boydell, 2009).   [Details]
  • Chivalry and Knighthood in Scotland, 1424-1513 (Boydell, 2006) [Details]

Journal Articles and Chapters in Books

  • ‘Lollardy, Hussitism and the Scottish Inquisition, c.1390-c.1527’, Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique 110:3-4 (2015), pp. 684-715.
  • Chivalry, British Sovereignty and Dynastic Politics: Undercurrents of Antagonism in Tudor-Stewart Relations, c.1490-c.1513, Historical Research (2013).
  • The Battle of Flodden and its Commemoration, 1513-2013, with Gordon Pentland, in Andy King and David Simpkin (eds), England and Scotland at War, c.1296-c.1513 (Brill, 2012).
  • The Scottish King of Arms: Lyon’s place in the hierarchy of the late-medieval Scottish elite, Torsten Hiltmann (ed), Les ‘autres’ rois : Études sur la royauté comme notion hiérarchique dans la société au bas Moyen Âge et au début de l'époque moderne (Paris, 2010).
  •  Jurisdiction, Authority and Professionalisation: The Officers of Arms of Late Medieval Scotland, in Katie Stevenson (ed), The Herald in Late Medieval Europe (Boydell & Brewer, 2009), pp. 41-66.
  • Tournaments, Heraldry and Heralds in the Kingdom of Poland in the Late Middle Ages, with Bogdan Wojciech Brzustowicz, in Katie Stevenson (ed), The Herald in Late Medieval Europe (Boydell & Brewer, 2009), pp. 145-64.
  • Royal Propaganda: Snowdon Herald and the Cult of Chivalry in Late Medieval Scotland, in James D. Floyd and Charles J. Burnett (eds), Genealogica Et Heraldica Sancta Andreae MMVI: Myth and Propaganda in Heraldry and Genealogy, volume ii (Edinburgh, 2008).
  • ‘Recreations to refresh the spirits of his followers’: Walter Bower’s revelations on cultural pursuits at James I of Scotland’s court’, Recherches Anglaises et Nord-Américaines (RANAM), 40 (2007), pp. 63-77.
  • Contesting Chivalry: James II and the control of chivalric culture in the 1450s, Journal of Medieval History, 33:2 (2007), pp. 197-214.
  • ‘Thai war callit knychtis and bere the name and the honour of that hye ordre’: Scottish Knighthood in the Fifteenth Century' in Linda Clark (ed.), The Fifteenth Century VI (Boydell, 2006)
  • The Unicorn, St Andrew and the Thistle: Was there an Order of Chivalry in Late Medieval Scotland?, Scottish Historical Review, 83 (2004), pp. 3-22.


Research Students

I am happy to supervise research students working on any aspect of late medieval history (broadly c.1300-c.1560) relating to Scotland, England, the Low Countries and France.

Current Research Students:

Morvern French, Flemish material culture in medieval Scotland
Amy Eberlin, The Flemish in Late Medieval Scotland
Arran Calvert, The Cathedral at Durham   (with Stephanie Bunn, School of Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies)
Rory MacLellan, Patronage of the Knights Hospitaller in the British Isles, c.1300-1400
Anne Rutten, Textual Communication in the Reigns of Robert II and Robert III of Scotland, 1371-1406

Completed Research Students:

Liz Hanna, Arthur and the Politics of Sovereignty in Medieval Scotland  (with Rhiannon Purdie, School of English)


Administrative Duties

Director of the Institute of Scottish Historical Research

Teaching Duties

Participates in the teaching of subhonours Scottish and Mediaeval History and offers the following Honours course:

Participates in the teaching of the following Postgraduate courses:

Main Publications