Last update: 28-04-2014


All accommodation should now be booked.




TRACE2014 will be held at the Macdonald Hotel Resort in Aviemore.

Although delegates are welcome to find alternative accommodation elsewhere within Aviemore (e.g. and the conference offers very competitive rates for single or shared rooms at 3* and 4* for bed/breakfast.

Note: re. Evening meals - as part of the Registration package, evening dinner is included for the 1st (Registration and Icebreaker - May 6th) and 4th (Conference banquet and ceilidh - May 9th) days. Individuals will need to fend for themselves for evenings 2 and 3. There are restaurants within the resort itself or there are many restaurants/pubs within Aviemore.

Accommodation options   Cost/person/night £ Cost/person - 4 nights
1 3* shared B+B 30.00 120.00
2 3* single B+B 55.00 220.00
3 4* shared B+B 49.50 198.00
4 4* single B+B 84.00 336.00

To book accommodation with the Macdonald Hotel Resort either phone (01479 815100) or e-mail ( Specify that you are seeking accommodation for TRACE 2014 and state which option above you want.

Payment must be made using a credit card (3 digit security code not needed).
Please also provide full postal address, email address, telephone number please.


Note: shared rooms can ONLY be booked as a pair, so you will need to find a partner before booking

The Registration fee is variable depending on student status and member with the ATR, so please add this value to your accommodation option above and that will give you your total cost for the conference.