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Membership Benefits:

Free entry to our fabulous events.
 Be the first to hear about STAR Ball, our annual ball held in collaboration with AstroSoc.
Apply to go on exciting PhySoc trips.
Join the vibrant community of physics enthusiasts.

So join PhySoc this year for only £3! Money can be paid to a committee member.

To vote at general meetings or stand in committee elections you must be a paid full member. Please check your status in the Members Area.


PhySoc Constitution [PDF]

The information that you provide us is used to keep you updated on our activities and allow us to verify that you are a member. We may also use the information to make decisions when planning future events and activities. Providing field of study and year is optional. This information will be stored on University of St Andrews servers for PhySoc and may be shared with the University and the Students Association at their request or others when we are legally required to do so. You can contact us at anytime at to request access to your data or for it to be deleted.

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