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Welcome to insight! PhySoc's new podcast about the lives of academics!
insight offers a look into the people behind our education, the stories that led to a lecturer writing physics equations on the whiteboard at the front of the your lecture theatre. Is there more to the lives of academics than just academia? When not deciphering the Universe, what drives them? Join us as we interview the academics making St Andrews.


Dr Janet Lovett

15 Oct 2017

This interview features Dr Janet Lovett, an Advanced Research Fellow in physics here at St Andrews who works with spectroscopy techniques across a variety of fields. Our conversation delves into her experiences of interdisciplinary science, how she ended up researching with her own blood and the shortlist of her favourite museums.



Dr Pawel Romanczuk

27 Sep 2017

This episode of insight has a twist, our editor, Conor MacBride, and I have switched roles as he interviews Dr Pawel Romanczuk. Dr Romanczuk straddles the line between biology and physics as head of the Collective Information Processing group at the Humboldt University of Berlin’s Institute for Theoretical Biology. We discuss his multicultural life in education and academia, the Berlin Wall and the plethora of hobbies he keeps up with.



Dr Dav Macfarlane

15 Aug 2017

Dr Macfarlane, a St Andrews physicist in our millimetre wave research group, talks to us about the perks of academia, what people appreciate in science communication and outreach, and what’s the best way to spend a free morning.



Dr Vivienne Wild

15 Jul 2017

Dr Wild, chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee within the school, talks to us about our new Juno Champion status and why it is important to strive for equality within science and beyond. Dr Wild also discusses what she likes about her research and the extreme sports she has participated in during her free time while researching galaxy evolution around the world.



Dr Jack Ireland - Part 2

27 Jun 2017

In part 2 Dr Ireland contemplates travelling to Mars, talks about what it is that NASA researchers find cool, how students can get jobs at places like NASA and settles some important questions concerning the differences between Scotland and America. Dr Ireland is a heliophysics researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and a former postdoctoral researcher within the School of Mathematics and Statistics.



Dr Jack Ireland - Part 1

26 Jun 2017

Dr Ireland is a heliophysics researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and a former postdoctoral researcher in the Solar and Magnetospheric Theory group within the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Dr Ireland talks about the exciting projects he has been working on at NASA and also looks back at fond memories of his time here in St Andrews and how his time here has influenced his future career.



Prof Eric Priest

23 Apr 2017

This episode features Prof Eric Priest, our first non-physicist! Prof Priest is an acclaimed mathematician and also a prominent speaker on the interactions between science and religion. Our discussion covers the overlaps between physics and maths, the interaction of all science and religion and the differences that Prof Priest has found from his time as a student and today.