2A in Biomedicine & Biotechnology

Research papers using 2A, plus reviews discussing the use of 2A

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'Put all your Genes in One Basket ' - a highlight of the technology for gene therapy in Nature Methods

'Caught in Translation ' - a highlight of the technology for gene therapy in Nature Immunology

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'Virus Trick Could Turn Cells into Drug Factories' Better Humans

'Genetic Trick Adapted From Viruses Makes Gene Therapy Vectors More Versatile'

Science Daily ..Innovations Report...Charity Wire...St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital.. News-Medical.Net.... Techmonitor.net..bio.com

'Gene Therapy Enhanced by Virus Peptides' .....MedMarkets


A new function (translational recoding plus co-translational signal sequence) of cellular "2A-like" sequences that produces dual protein targeting...

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