Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) Replication

BBSRC-funded research (Strategic Longer, Larger Grant - SLoLa) into the replication of FMDV RNA and development of new FMDV vaccines

2A-Mediated "Cleavage"

Introduction: Picornavirus Polyprotein Processing

The Mechanism of 2A-mediated 'Cleavage'

BBSRC-funded research into newly discovered cellular 2A-like sequences

(introduction to the system)

Published Biotechnological Applications of the 2A System

2A and 2A-like Sequences (Adobe Acrobat file)

Images of co-expressed cyan and yellow fluorescent proteins targeted to different sub-cellular sites

Recent Articles on 2A Protein Co-expression Technology;

International Innovation - Research Media Limited: Powerful Protein

Future Virology: The protein co-expression problem in biotechnology and biomedicine: virus 2A and 2A-like sequences provide a solution


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2A Co-expression Technology

- the use of 2A in the production of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells

- the use of 2A in gene therapies
- the use of 2A in bioimaging
- the use of 2A in genome editing
- the use of 2A in the creation of genetically-modified organisms