Armed with art: Professor Alex Danchev and the art of John Keane

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armed with art danchev display sign

Sign at Danchev display in Main Library 

You may have noticed a new display in the Main Library – you’ll be able to see a selection of items from our new Danchev Collection on the theme of ‘Art and war’ here until 12th February.… Read more

Annoyed by noise? – new number for text service

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Our texting service for the SILENT areas of the Library (Levels 3 & 4 in the Main Library and Martyrs Thomson Reading Room) has a new contact number: 01334 303055.… Read more

New to our collections: from the library of Professor Alex Danchev

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This academic year, we are delighted to be adding to our shelves in the Main Library around 2000 books from the donated collection of Professor Alex Danchev.… Read more

Recent Acquisition – Letter from Robert Burns

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A wife’s head is immaterial, compared with her heart”
Robert Burns

This year we are able to present an exciting addition to the Burnsiana in our collections – a letter from Robert Burns to a friend and mentor, dated 1788, containing two original Burns songs.… Read more

Copyright ABCs – ‘The Scots Musical Museum’

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The Lighting the Past team share their highlights from the ‘M’ section of the Copyright Deposit Collection. You can see the previous posts in the series here.Read more

Your Open Access: January update

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We have just published the January repository statistics update. Since the last update, published in October, the repository content has continued to grow, and we now have over 11,000 items.… Read more

Friends for Life: letters home from an 18th century St Andrews alumnus

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Ro Spankie, Principal Lecturer, School of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Westminster, shares with us her recent search to find out about her ancestor Thomas Spankie and his time as a student at St Andrews in the 1700s.Read more

Washing ‘the Bosphore’ and attaching Oriental sketches 2: treatment and results

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In part I of this post, we saw the pre-treatment condition of ‘Le Bosphore’ and ‘Sketches in Turkey, Syria and Egypt’.Read more

Washing ‘the Bosphore’ and attaching Oriental sketches 1: before treatment

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To start the New Year, we take a look at the conservation work carried out on two of our rare books, in this two-part blog.Read more

The transition to Open Access: how’s it going?

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A report has been published recently detailing statistics on the transition to Open Access. The report, which can be downloaded here, was published by Universities UK, a body representing the interests of UK universities through advocacy and engagement, as well as conducting research and analysis.… Read more