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China cover

China: Through the Looking Glass

Andrew Bolton ; Harold Koda ; Homay King ; Mei Mei Rado ; Wong Kar-Wai ; John Galliano ; Adam Geczy ; Maxwell K Hearn

Photography by Platon

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2015


I love tracing overlays, even more if they’re printed, as they are here amongst uncut pages and between covers with the feel of flock wallpaper.

This is the catalogue to accompany the Yahoo-sponsored 2015 exhibition in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, photographer Platon making good use of his years spent working for British Vogue as he documents Chinese and Chinese-inspired garments from various fashion houses and museums.

The sections on Communist China, and Enigmatic Objects are exceptional, especially seeing the way patterned porcelain and earthenware have inspired various designers including Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, and John Galliano who is interviewed about his ongoing love of Chinese culture.

When not part of the current display, you can find it here: folio TT504.6E85B7  (technology – handicrafts, arts and crafts – dressmaking and fashion)



Come along to the Main Library on North Street to take a look for yourself. This book is part of The Hidden Photobooks display which is running from 1 – 30 September and is part of the St Andrews Photography Festival. Everyone is welcome and the event is free. Check out the Library Instagram for photographs Marcus has chosen from his own work to accompany these blog posts. 

The Hidden Photobooks: China: Through the Looking Glass
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