Sanderson, Sander [SSNE 8230]

Sanderson, Saunderson
First name
Sander, Saunder

Text source

According to a previous judge (sorenskriffer) Sander Sanderson came to Norway in the late 1580s and lived in Hesjedalen near Oslo, where he met the woman he went on to marry, Ragnhild Asgantsdotter. It remains a mystery as to why Sander Sanderson moved to Hallingdal. Rumour, or tradition, has it that he left Scotland due to religious persecution during the reign of Mary Queen of Scots. He arrived in Hallingdal, and settled initially at Gol, where he is first recordedin 1593. There is a document signed by Sander Sanderson, dated to 1612, held at Nordre Villand. On 25 August 1612 Sander Sanderson was authorised in the absence of the incumbent judge in Hallingdalen to sit in judgement during legal cases. Further, there is witness evidence in Aal, dated 16 June 1609 and held at Roo, which also mentions Sander Sanderson and his wife Ragnildt Asgoudsdatter. Another source - dated 8 August 1601 - claims that that Sander Sanderson initially settled in Gol in 1593 along with his wife Ragnilde Asgodsdatter. 

An account by Ivar Wiehl, dated 1743, notes that Sander Sandersson was appointed in 1591 by royal privilege as sorenskriver and that Sander Sanderson was a Scottish-born learned man who lived in Staave-Hougen. Apparently items of Sander Sanderson's clothing survived at Sander Roo for a time: a floor-length shirt, grey trousers and a tri-corner hat.

Source: Hallingminne website;


Service record

Arrived 1591-01-01
Departed 0000-01-01
Capacity JUDGE, purpose LEGAL