von Klencke (RUTHVEN by marriage), ANNA [SSNE 8066]

von Klencke (RUTHVEN by marriage)
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Anna Erasma von Klencke, Dowager Countess Ruthven (Änkegrevinna Ruthwen), had been married to Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Ruthven [SSNE 3402], the son of General Patrick Ruthven [SSNE 3413], Earl of Forth and Brentford. Alexander pre deceased her and his father (by May 1649). She later wrote to Carl Gustav Wrangel in 1664 on the subject of brewing. Most sources discuss an inheritance case between Anna and her mother-in-law, the litigious Clara Bramford. Anna died in 1690.


Krigsarkiv. Krigskollegium Kancelliet: Adressatregistratur till Krigskollegiets Registratur 1631-1654 noting Anna as widow of Alexander Ruthven, 5 October 1648.

Riksarkivet Skoklostersamlingen II. Carl Gustaf Wrangels arkiv. (RA/720795.010) Volym E 8461. !x letter, 1664.

Riksarkivets ämbetsarkiv, personregister över skrivelser till Kungl. Maj:t SE/RA/481/01/01/DD II.

  • Reduktionskomm. till K.M. Vol 7. 10 July 1682 re goods in Kronoberg
  • Jönköpings läns landshding to K.M. re Anna Erasma von Klencke, 2 October 1689 and 31 May 1690

Riksarkivet RA Biographica card no 36. EO1765 2/3 (Riksarkivets ämnessamlingar. Personhistoria) https://sok.riksarkivet.se/bildvisning/A0070111_00010#?c=&m=&s=&cv=9&xywh=1983%2C1996%2C3979%2C2295

  • Copy of a German document dated Stockholm 9 May 1649, signed “Bramford”, and beginning “Ich Pattrick Ruttwen, Graff zu Forth und Bramford [etc etc listing all his titles]. Makes ref to his late son Alexander Ruthven and his wife Anna Erasma born Klenke and their son, and that he leaves his property of Brevik in Småland to her.
  • Swedish document re Mrs Clara Berner (Bramford) and Mrs Anna Erasma Klencke’s case against one another re the inheritance of late Baron Alexander Ruthven’s step-mother’s inheritance (ie from Clara) from Mrs Johanna Henderson. They have approached the king re this issue, and want it presented to the Revision. Document dated Jönköping 20 November 1668. Signed Gustaf Posse, Ebbe Ulfelt and Erland Cameen.
  • Copy of a letter in German signed Clara Bramford re the case between her and her stepdaughter in law. Another supplication by Clara Bramford dated Stockholm 12 June 1668
  • Letter of Charles II to Charles X, dated Whitehall, 27 March 1668, in Latin re Mrs (Anna) Ruthven, the Jönköping decision
  • Letter in Swedish signed Anna widow Ruthven talking about her stepmother Clara Bramford and her father in law Patrick Ruthven… and the intercession of Charles II
  • Document in Swedish, noted as translated from Scots, in Scots script, signed Bramford, dated Stockholm 20 May 1649. Also signed Bordonne and William Bothwick.


Service record

SWEDEN, Brevik, Jönköping
Arrived 1630-01-01
Departed 1690-05-31