SKYTTE, CHRISTINA ANNA (known as Anna) [SSNE 7271]

First name
CHRISTINA ANNA (known as Anna)

Text source

Christina Anna was the daughter of Jacob Skytte [SSNE 4920] and his wife. Her siblings included Gustav Adolf [SSNE 4921], Jacob [SSNE 7270], Johan, Maria, Gunnilla, and Sofia Beata. She was born on 9 November 1643.

In 1662 she married Gustav Drake. Not long afterwards she and her husband had to flee to Prussia. Her husband was named in a piracy case for which her brother, Gustav Adolf was found guilty and eventually executed. The crew and captain of a Dutch vessel had been murdered. Subsequently she suffered accusations of being involved in her brother's earlier acts of piracy in the 1650s but this was apparently unfounded. She is said to have stolen her brother's seal to forge a letter moving the blame of the 1662 piratical attack on her brother and away from Drake. Christina and Gustav Drake returned to Sweden in 1663 following a successful court case clearing their names. She died in 1677 after having 2 children.


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Service record

Arrived 1643-11-09
Departed 1677-12-31
Capacity MISC, purpose MISC