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Catharina Stuart was the daughter of Andrew Stuart of Starsäter [SSNE 1646] and his wife Elisabet Anrep. That couple had three sons and two daughters: Carl (c.1600-1637), Johan Adolf (1603-1666), Anders (?-1637), Christina (1600-1648) and Catharina (1622-1699). The sons all engaged in Swedish military service and both daughters also married soldiers, Christina [SSNE 6251] to Herbert Gladstone [SSNE 2490] in his second marriage and Catharina to Ensign Anders Rosenstralle.

A letter survives in the Swedish archives sent from Cattrina Stuart to Axel Oxenstierna. In it she mentions Johan Stuart, but the letter is undated. The letter concerns getting compensation for some few small "hemman" (country properties) that her family had a claim to. Catharina made so bold to write to Oxenstierna directly having been in his late mother's service. She wrote on behalf of herself and nephew (her sister's son), Johan Anders Glatstone [SSNE 4783]. She informed Oxenstierna that when her brother Johan Stuart died, there being no male heir, the properties went to the Crown and not to her. She had subsequently heard that the King had transferred the properties to the late Treasurer of the Realm, Gustaf Bonde. Catharina hoped that in the unfortunate case that she and Glatstain cannot be granted the "extension" of the properties sought, that the pair might can be given the "brudskatt" (dowry?) straightaway to compensate the great expenses their father and maternal grandfather had invested in the properties. The letter must have been written between 1641 and 1654. 

Sources: A corpus of correspondence is found in Riksarkivets ämnessamlingar. Personhistoria

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Arrived 1622-01-01
Departed 1699-12-31
Purpose MISC.