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Thomas Glenn was a merchant in Stockholm and was certainly already a burgess of that town in 1628. Thomas Glenn is sometimes conflated with Thomas "Engelsman" Parker [SSNE 819] in Swedish sources. In August 1633 Thomas "Engellssmann" serves as guarantor for David Robbenn as he took his oath as a Stockholm burgess; this is probably Parker.

Thomas married Brita Blasiidotter [SSNE 6134], daughter of the Scottish merchant in Stockholm, Blasius Dundee [SSNE 768]. They were wed in November 1626 (although Fischer notes it as 1627) at St Nicolai Church (Storkyrkan).

In July 1628 Thomas supplied an affidavit regarding the sum of 1500 daler which he had borrowed from two other Stockholm burgesses, one Matthias Trost and James Gardner [SSNE 4922]. He pledged to repay the sum within the year. Thomas had placed his house on Köpmangatan (Gamla Stan) as collateral for the loan. Intriguingly, the address is identical to a house which Blasius Dundee had owned previously and which had presumably been inherited by Blasius' daughter. The affidavit was lodged with the Stockholm magistrates on 26 November by Gardner and Trost.

Thomas Glenn appeared to take a loan from James Gardner  in December 1630, for which Gardner lodged an affidavit with the Stockholm magistrates on the 12 December that year. In it Thomas Glenn states that he borrowed 1000 riksdaler which he would repay within a year, promising interest of 10 % and with his wife Brita Blasiidotter's agreement and consent had pawned their house, situated on Köpmangatan and the corner of Själegårdsgatan to James Gardner. This affidavit was signed by both Glenn and his wife Brita.

In March 1632 James Gardner one again appears before the Stockholm magistrates to lodge a document signed by Thomas Glenn on 1 of that month. In it Thomas Glenn states that he owes Gardner 636 riksdaler, which should have been paid a long time ago. Glenn pledges to pay him by the coming June, once again placing his house up as surety, allegedly with his wife Brita's consent. Presumably he was not able to fulfil his promise as on 6 August "Thomas Glenn's house" (more correctly his wife, Brita's house, unless she had made it over to him) on Köpmangatan is up for sale,

On 1 April 1633 Thomas Glenn is one of four Scottish burgesses to appear as witnesses in a dispute between Sander Petrie [SSNE 7414] and Hans Corgill of Danzig. The other three were William Petrie [SSNE 6708], David Anderson [SSNE 8484], and Hans Petrie. That same month Matthias Trost requested that Thomas Glenn relinquish his house. Thomas Glenn's  financial troubles continued: on 19 June 1633 Erich Mattsson records that he lent Glenn 300 daler, for which Glenn placed his street stall as surety, and this is repeated on 8 July.. At the same time Anders Hendrichsson sought the "arrest" of Glenn's house to the value of 620 daler which was the amount of an outstanding debt Glenn owed Hendrichsson. Erich Mattsson also requests that Glenn's house be placed on "arrest" for the sum of 100 daler on behalf of an Albert Jack (Albrecht Jack), possibly the same individual as [SSNE 1109]. 

On 13 November 1633 another Scottish burgess of Stockholm, James Feif [SSNE 4779] formally requested that Thomas Glenn's affidavit (dated 21 June 1633) regarding a debt of 3704 riksdaler, to be paid to Feif by 21 December. Interestingly, Thomas Glenn once again placed his house on Köpmangatan as surety that he would pay in full, implying that he must not have sold it in 1632. This was also signed by his wife Brita Blasiidotter.

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