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Mary Elizabeth Gray was the daughter of the Scotsman, Lord William Gray. In 1646 she married Anders Jensen Grove who had been born in Elsinore in June 1623. Grove was the son of Jens Pedersen Grove. In 1637, Anders Jensen Grove was in Dutch service and throughout 1638-40 he served as a soldier in the Dutch West Indies. He returned to the Dutch Republic in 1640-41. After the outbreak of the English Civil War, Grove served in Prince Rupert's Regiment as a captain between 1643-1645, but left in September 1646. He travelled to Norway where he served across the country as an artillery officer. This culminated with his service in Baahus in 1657 as artillery major, and Kristans Ø in June 1658 where he served as commandant. In this latter capacity he also served in Frederiksholm in 1659 and Frederiksten in 1665. From 3 January 1671, Grove was on 500 rixdaler pension. He died in March 1677. Mary and Anders had a son, Willum Grove. He went on to serve as an ensign with the Akershus infantary between 1674 and 1679. Despite leaving service then he returned to the armed forces in January 1680. He gained promotion to lieutenant in December 1683 and was still in service in August 1684. He married Ragnhild Welt in February 1678 and lived until 1692. This dates Mary's death to sometime prior to 1677. His son, Friderich Wilhelm Grove, later wrote about his grandfather's recommendation from Charles I.


Sources: J. Sandberg, Kvinner gift med offiserer i den Norske Hær 1628-1814. Fra stabsfanejunker O. Ovenstads Militærbiografier (Oslo, 1961), p.35; O. Ovenstad, Militærbiografier: Den Norske Hærs Officerer (Oslo, 1949), I, p.365. Female.

English Civil War

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Arrived 1646-09-22
Departed 1677-03-13
Purpose MISC.