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Thomas Kellie was a Gentleman of the Bedchamber to Charles I. He joined the Danish army as a private soldier in Nithsdale's [SSNE 531] regiment and eventually commanded his own company there. He apparently also had a diplomatic charge in Denmark under instruction of the English Privy Council. Thomas Kellie thereafter published a military manual after service in Christian IV's army in which he exhorted others to join the fight for Elizabeth of Bohemia, 'the Jewell of Europe'. 

Sources: See in particular 'A Licence to Travell' issued by Charles Stuart to Mr Thomas Kellie who 'out of the affection he caryes to our service, is to goe and serve a voluntarie soldiour in the King of Denmark, his army, upon his own charges'. c. July 1626. Earl of Stirling's Register of Royal Letters, volume 1, p.60; T. Kellie, Pallas Armata or Militarie Instructions for the Learned (Edinburgh, 1627); Acts of the English Privy Council, January-August 1627, p.53. Pass for Kellie to go to Denmark on business of Charles I, 8 February 1626/27; Acts of the English Privy Council, September 1627-June 1628, p.49. Pass for Kellie to return to his company in Denmark, 25 September 1627.G. Lind, Danish Data Archive, 1573; T. Riis, Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot (Odense, 1988), II, p.133.

Service record

Departed 1628-12-19, as MAJOR
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY