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Henry Lyall was born in Sweden and attended Uppsala University. At some point he (or his namessake [SSNE 3725]) moved to Great Britain where he became a Director of the East India Company (1711-1731). Director Henry Lyall (1648-1731) was recorded as being nearly blind before his death which resulted in his giving up his directorship. Upon his death at the age of 83, on 2 February 1731, his estate was transferred to his brother Balthasar Lyall [SSNE 1051]. 


Sources: Andersson et al, Uppsala Universitets Matrikel, (Uppsala, 1900-1911); T. Fischer, The Scots in Sweden (Edinburgh, 1907), Supplement, pp.215-267; Gentleman's Magazine or Monthly Intelligencer for 1731 (London, 1731), p.2. We thank Peter Leyel for passing on this last reference.

See also Riksarkivet, Anglica vol 190. Brev från utlänningar A-B 1689-1709- L

Sir When I sent you the letter I forgot to tell you that have at last resolved to accept count Steenboks bill for £500 which if you writ tonight, be pleased to in? and I will take care to supply the money to your satisfaction

Y M O S Henry Lyell

Throgmorton Street

19 August 1697



Sir I was out of town when you did me the honour to send me Mr Van Saltzaws petition. I have since enquired into the matter and find their (sic) is no other proofs but an alteration of his goods, ?amisitia country woman, it is nott yet condemned but doubtless cannot escape, according to the method of the lords of appeal Mr Sayer has taken out commissions for France but none will send them away, the goods being sold for very inconsiderable matter, so that charges will be more than it is worth and I doubt you will find it hard to procure any satisfaction either from the prize office or any else

I am sir your most obed. Serv.

The 2 copys are heer enclosed - 29 July 1698




Service record

Departed 1683-12-31
Capacity STUDENT, purpose ACADEMIC