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David Paterson was the son of councillor of Malmo Hans Paterson and his consort Bodil Olufsdatter Hammer. Paterson became a councillor of Elsinore on 14 April 1659, and dean of Det Store Borger Compagni in 1680 when it gave a silver wine vessel to the high altar of St Olai. He maintained one or two seats in St Olai 1664. Paterson is recorded as having paid taxes to the tune of '2nd fjerding' in 1667, 1677, 1682. His estate was assessed on 12 May 1686 and found to have net debts of c.100 daler). Paterson married Jacob Hendriksen von Lacht's widow Anniche (Anne) Andraesdatter, daughter of surgeon Andreas Baltzerson and consort Kirstine Henriksdatter. Anniche herself was dead by 6 July 1699 when her estate was assessed and this time the assets and debts balanced each other. The couple had several children, Boel (Bodil), born 27/12/1660; Christine, born 5/11/1658 ; Elizabeth, born 29/4/1666; Hans, born 19/1/1669; Jacob Andreas born 26/11/1671 and Margrete, born 17/1/1664.

T. Riis, Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot (Odense, 1988), II, p.238.

Service record

Departed 1682-07-10
Capacity COUNCILLOR, purpose CIVIC