Last update: 10-12-2013


Dr. Rob Wilson (Senior Lecturer)


What can I say - passionate about trees and what they can tell us about environmental change.

My main research interests are in the use of tree-rings to reconstruct past climate although I dabble in all forms of dendrochronology.

I have also been known to work with historical and coral data.

Dr.Coralie Mills
(PDRF and commercial archaeologist)


Coralie's research interests lie in the historic interface between humans and woodland, and in using dendrochronology not solely for heritage dating but also to reconstruct human impact on woodland and landscape, and to use this information to inform future management.

Coralie is now funded through the SCOT2K NERC project for 2 days a week.

Personal web page and blog

Cheryl Wood
(PhD candidate and technician)


Aiming to do the impossible - not only working with tropical wood but stable isotopes as well. She has even been known to dabble in trace elements.

PhD Title: Validating Calcium Tracer Based Tree-Ring Dating Method For Tropical Wood

Cheryl is currently funded as a technician through the SCOT2K NERC project