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McIntosh Hall - see Residences

Management (School Of)

The Gateway Centre, North Haugh, KY16 9ST
Head of School:  Prof Peter McKiernan 2795
School Administrator 2450
Undergraduate Enquiries 2800
Post Graduate Enquiries 2200
PhD Enquiries 2871
Fax 2812

Master - see Principal's Office

Mathematics & Statistics (School of)

Mathematical Institute, North Haugh, KY16 9SS
Head of School:  Prof A Hood 3710
Secretary 3744
Enquiries 2344
Solar Theory Group 3708
CIRCA Area 3714
Email (Applied Mathematics)
Email (Pure Mathematics)
Email (Statistics)

TopMedia Services Officer - see Residential & Business Services

TopMediaeval History - see School of History

TopModern History - see School of History

TopModern Languages (School of)

Buchanan Building, Union St, KY16 9PH
Head of School:  Prof R Ferguson 3668
Secretary to Head of School 3670
Fax (for Buchanan building) 3677
French Department, Buchanan Building
Secretariat 2949
German Department, Buchanan Building
Secretariat 2949
Italian Department, Buchanan Building
Secretariat 2949
Russian Department, United College, KY16 9AL
Secretariat 2949
Fax 2959
Spanish Department, United College
Secretariat 2949
Fax 2959
Centre for Russian, Soviet, Central & Eastern European Studies
Director:  Dr R Fawn 2957
Institute of European Cultural Identity Studies
Director:  Prof P P-D Gifford 3646
Institute for Language & Linguistic Studies
Director:  Prof R A Lodge 3636
Film Studies (Dept of) 99 North Street, KY16 9AL
Director: Prof Iordanova 7474
Secretary 7473
Fax 3677

TopMoral Philosophy - see Philosophical and Anthropological Studies

TopMuseum Collections

Main Library (Basement), KY16 9TR
Keeper:  Prof I A Carradice 2402
Curator: Helen Rawson 2417
Access and Education Assistant: Sarah Fairclough 3946

TopMusic Centre

Younger Hall, North Street, KY16 9AJ
Director: Mr J Clayton 2227
Secretary 2226
Principal Teacher 2228
University Organist 2237
Undergraduate Course/Enquiries 2237

TopNew Hall - see Residences

TopNight and Emergency Services

Out of Hours Service (Emergencies Only) 01334 476161

TopPersonnel Services - see Human Resources

TopPhilosophical and Anthropological Studies (School of)

Edgecliffe, The Scores, KY16 9AL
Head of School:  Prof P Clark 2470
Centre for Indigenous American Studies, United College, KY16 9AL
Director:  Dr L Crickmay 2986
Fax 2985
Logic & Metaphysics, Edgecliffe, The Scores, KY16 9AL
Chairman:  Prof C Wright 2467
Secretary 2486
Fax 2485
Chairman:  Dr B Gaut 2490
Secretary 2486
Fax 2485
Philosophical Quarterly, Edgecliffe, The Scores, KY16 9AL
Contact Number 2484
Social Anthropology, United College, KY16 9AL
Chairman: Dr P Overing 2979
Secretary/Enquiries 2977
Fax 2985
Centre for Ethics, Philosophy & Public Affairs
Director:  Dr D Archard 2480

TopPhysics & Astronomy (School of)

Physical Sciences Building, North Haugh, KY16 9SS
Head of School:  Professor S Lee 3143
Secretary 3111
Enquiries 3103
Technical Administrator 3223
Fax 3104

TopPostgraduate Office

79 North St, KY16 9AJ
Enquiries 2136
Admissions 2135
Fax 2144

TopPrincipal's Office

College Gate, North Street, KY16 9AJ
Principal and Vice Chancellor: Dr Brian Lang
Secretary:  Shona Hood 2544
Assistant to the Principal: Mr Hugh Martin 2547
Fax 2543
Adviser to the Principal: Dr David J Corner
E Mail:
Secretaries:  Gillian Haacker/Lesley Stephen 2553
Secretary:  Barbara Porter 2016
Fax 2554
Deputy Principal and Master of United College:
Professor Keith Brown
Secretary:   Jackie Balfour 2552
Fax 2543
Secretary and Registrar: Mr Mark Butler
Secretaries: Lesley Stephen/Gillian Haacker 2553
Secretary:  Barbara Porter 2016
Fax 2554
Quaestor and Factor: Mr Derek Watson
Secretary: Caroline Gourlay 2029
Fax 2106
Vice-Principal (Research): Professor Alan Miller
Secretary:  Mary Ingram 2542
Fax 2543
Vice-Principal (Teaching): Professor Ronald Piper
Secretary:  Sheona Ogilvie 2555
Fax 2543
Vice-Principal (Information): Post Vacant
Secretary:  Caroline Gourlay 2029
Fax 2106
Vice-Principal (External Relations): Mr Stephen Magee
Secretary:  Audrey Dyce 3321
Fax 3388
College Gate Reception 2525

TopPrinting - see Reprographic and Printing Services


Procurement Office, 79 North St, KY16 9AJ
Head of Procurement:   2514
Deputy Head of Procurement: 2512
Procurement Assistant: 2523
Fax 2513

TopPsychology (School of)

Westburn Lane, KY16 9JU
Head of School:  Prof S Reicher 3057
Secretary 2071
Enquiries 2157
Fax 3042

TopPublications Unit

St Katharines West, 16 The Scores, KY16 9AX
Head of Unit: Ms Lesley Lind 7457
Editorial Assistant: Kitty Macintyre 3022
Photographic Technician (Part-Time): Rhona Rutherford 3016
Secretary: Helen Kay 3023
Fax 3028

TopQuaestor's Office - see Principal's Office

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