portrait of James Wilson"In free countries – in free countries, especially, that boast the blessing of a common law, springing warm and spontaneous from the manners of the people – Law should be studied and taught as a historical science"

James Wilson, Lectures on Law,
Delivered in the College of Philadelphia, 1790-1791

Reprinted in The Collected Works of James Wilson,
edited by Kermit L. Hall and Mark David Hall (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund 2007): 432

The James Wilson Doctoral Programme in Constitutional Studies is an interdisciplinary doctoral programme housed in the Centre for Global Constitutionalism. It accepts students pursuing doctoral studies in constitutionalism whose research is historical, comparative, or international in nature. Supervision is provided by staff in the Schools of International Relations or Classics, depending on their research interests.
Limited funding is available, which is awarded on a competitive basis.