Early Modern and Reformation Seminar Programme


Semester 2, 2017-18


Seminars take place at 5.15 in the New Seminar Room, St John’s House, 69 South Street, unless otherwise specified.

8 Feb    
Jan Machielsen (Cardiff)
‘A Textual Reformation? Towards an intellectual History of the Counter-Reformation’

22 Feb 
Steve Murdoch (St Andrews)
‘Britain and the Thirty Years' War: The Evolution of a Field of Study’

8 March
Jessica Dalton (St Andrews)
‘The Politics of Conversion: Jesuits, Popes and Princes in Early Modern Italy’

5 April  
Gabriel Glickman (Cambridge)
'American colonists, Protestantism and the shaping of English Whig politics 1667-1700'

19 April               
Erin Maglaque (St Andrews)
'Family and Empire in the Renaissance Venetian Mediterranean'

3 May   
Emilie Murphy (York)
‘Language learning in English convents in exile’