Recently Completed PhD Dissertations



Elizabeth Tapscott, BA (Eastern University), MA (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), MLitt (St. Andrews)

Research topic: The development of and appeals to public opinion during the Reformation in Scotland. Supervisor: Professor Roger A. Mason

Sophie Mullins, BA (University of East Anglia), MPhil (Cambridge)

Research topic: Latin books published in Paris, 1500-1540
Professor Andrew Pettegree and Dr Malcolm Walsby

Bess Rhodes, MLitt (St Andrews).

Research topic: The Reformation in the Burgh of St Andrews: Property, Piety and Power
Supervisor: Prof Roger Mason

Andy Drinnon

Research topic: The Apocalyptic Tradition in Scotland, 1588-1688
Supervisors: Professor Roger Mason and Dr Grant Tapsell

Graeme Kemp

Research topic: Catholic Religious Controversy and the French Marketplace of Print, 1535-1572, Supervisor: Professor Andrew Pettegree

Jennifer Winters

Research topic:The English Provincial Book Trade: Booksellers’ Stock-lists , c.1520-1640,
Supervisor: Andrew Pettegree

Steven Eccher

Research topic:The Bernese Disputations of 1532 and 1538: An Historical and Theological Analysis.
Supervisor: Professor Bruce Gordon

Adam Marks

Research Topic: England and the Thirty Years' War.
Supervisor: Professor Steve Murdoch.

Joanna Milstein, BA (Columbia), MLitt (St Andrews)

Research topic: The Gondi family: Strategy and Survival in Late Sixteenth-century France
Supervisor: Professor Andrew Pettegree

Daniel Thomas, BA (London), MSt (Oxford)

Research topic:Family, Ambition and Service: The French Nobility and the Emergence of the Standing Army, c. 1598-1635.
Supervisors: Dr Guy Rowlands & Dr Malcolm Walsby Email:


Philip John, MA (St Andrews)

Research topic: The Paris book trade between the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre and the renewal of the Catholic League, 1572-1588 Supervisor: Professor Andrew Pettegree Email:

Steven Reid, MA, MLitt (St Andrews)

Research topic: The Scottish Universities in the Age of Reformation, 1560-1637 Supervisor: Professor Roger Mason Email:

Siobhan Talbott, MA, MLitt (St Andrews)

Research topic: An Alliance Ended?: Franco-Scottish Commercial Relations, 1560-1713 (2010) Supervisor: Dr Steve Murdoch Email:

John McCallum, The Reformation in Fife, 1560-1640 (2008)

Jennifer Powell McNutt, Church & society in eighteenth-century Geneva, 1700-1789 (2008)

Daniel van Voorhis, A Prophet of Interior Lutheranism: the correspondence of Johann Arndt (2008)

Claire Webb (Gregory), The 'gude regent?': a diplomatic perspective upon the Earl of Moray, Mary, Queen of Scots and the Scottish regency, 1567-1570 (2008)

Sara Barker, Developing French Protestant identity : the political and religious writings of Antoine de Chandieu (1534-1591) (2007)

Jaqueline Vaughan, Secretaries, statesmen and spies : the clerks of the Tudor Privy Council, c. 1540-c.1603 (2007)

Christine Linton, Ulrich von Hutten : knight, humanist and reformer, 1519-1520 (2006)

Matthew Hall, Lyon publishing in the age of Catholic revival, 1565-16 (2005)

Matthew McLean, The 'Cosmographia' of Sebastian Münster (2005)