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This set of webpages is designed to cover the topics of Information and Measurement. The approach is to bring together the relevant material from Information Theory, Instrumentation, and Measurement Physics and show how the fit together. In order to make the material interesting and relevant, I have chosen to use application which may be familiar as examples. These include sections on how Compact Disc works, etc.

A book based on the orginal lecture course was published some years ago by the UK Institute of Physics. Some years later on a paperback second edition of the book was issued. Subsequently, the IoP sold their book publication business to Taylor and Francis. You may be able to get a printed version of the book from them. During this time the course was regularly updated.

The links below are in two forms. Some lectures have a link to a webpage showing a copy of the lecture notes. Other links are to Adobe PDF files of the relevant chapter from the second edition of the book.

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