There are thousands of transistors, op-amps, etc, available for building electronic circuits. Fortunately, most of them are ‘me too’ or a ‘close near-imitation’ versions of a type which has already proved itself poplar. For this reason, most working engineers (and amateurs) tend to choose a few ‘favourite’ devices and use them for most purposes.

The pages in this section of the guide present basic data on some of the devices which have proved popular and generally useful. I have only included the basic specs for each device. The chances are that 99% of the circuits people build can be assembled using these devices and the info I've included. That said, this list is only meant to be an illustrative collection of a few examples, and is based on my personal preferrences. If you have a favourite device I haven't included, please contact me and I'll consider adding your own favourites! Also, if you feel I've left out some important info, please let me know!

 Operational Amplifiers.  Small Signal Bipolar Transistors  Basic Digital Logic  Diodes  Special Devices

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