The St-Andrews MM-Wave Group have been developing and producing Gunn oscillators for over ten years. We have evolved an oscillator which offers a mechanical tuning range of at least 10GHz and an electronic tuning range of 1GHz. The device is particularly suitable for laboratory use. We also know how to employ external QO cavities to deliver state-of-the-art ultra-low FM noise performance. This is of particular importance in applications which employ Doppler radar techniques.

A typical W-band Gunn oscillator will provide a CW power of 25-50mW and can easily be phase-locked to a conventional PLL system to provide stable output which can be accurately swept under electronic control. The Group have built and sold a number of these oscillators to customers around the world.

Although most of our oscillators have been built for W-band (80-110GHz) we have also produced sources for higher frequencies (up to 225GHz) and lower frequencies. We also have experience with the use of harmonic multipliers to achieve higher frequency output from our 60-140GHz sources.

As well as developing Gunn oscillators we have also worked on Quantum-Well sources and on QO Switch sources. We continue to research novel ways to obtain both CW (conventional) and semi-chaotic/spread-spectrum coherent sources.

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