Hi! My name is Jim Lesurf. I have recently retired as reader in Physics and Electronics at the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University here in St. Andrews.

I used to run and am still involved with the Millimetre Wave Group here at the University of St. Andrews. The new group pages can tell you more about the work we do on developing instruments and novel techniques for the 60 - 600 GHz region of the spectrum. Our work is supported by the UK Research Councils and various companies.

Most of my teaching at the University is in the Electronics area. To support this I am creating (slowly!) a large website of electronics material called
The Scots Guide to Electronics.

This currently has over 70 pages of information at various levels. If you want to find out something about electronics, please take a look at these pages. If what you want to know is missing, please let me know and I'll consider adding it (when I get time!)

I have also built a number of web pages around my other interests which include fondness for the conducting of Sir John Barbirolli and, more generally, for classical recordings from the 1960’s and earlier. I am responsible for maintaining the ‘official’ websites for the Sir John Barbirolli Society and for Dutton CDs. (Note that these pages are for personal interest and are not part of the University site!)

I have written a number of books which include:

MM-Wave Optics, Devices, and Systems
Institute of Physics Press, 1990
ISBN 0-85274-129-4

This is a ‘research level’ book designed to provide information for anyone working in this specialised area. It provides an introduction to the main research we do.

Information and Measurement
Institute of Physics Press, 1995
ISBN 0-7503-0308-5

This is a more general book. It contains explanations of how things like CD players work and also explains encryption and how to compress data using methods like Huffman coding. It should be a ‘good read’ for anyone interested in the uses of information processing.

For all my work I use Acorn computers and the RiscOS operating system as I find it much better than ‘certain other systems’. For that reason I sometimes write for Acorn magazines like ‘Archive’ and ‘Risc User’.

Content and pages maintained by: Jim Lesurf (jcgl@st-and.ac.uk)
using HTMLEdit on a StrongARM powered RISCOS machine.
University of St. Andrews, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9SS, Scotland.