KlustaWin is a Windows implementation of the program KlustaKwik, which was written by Ken Harris (Rutgers University, USA). KlustaWin is written by Bill Heitler, University of St Andrews, UK.

KlustaKwik is described as follows:

KlustaKwik is a program for unsupervised classification of multidimensional continuous data. It arose from a specific need - automatic sorting of neuronal action potential waveforms (see KD Harris et al, Journal of Neurophysiology 84:401-414,2000). We needed a program that would
1) Fit a mixture of Gaussians with unconstrained covariance matrices
2) Automatically choose the number of mixture components
3) Be robust against noise
4) Run fast on large data sets (up to 100000 points, 48 dimensions)

Speed in particular was essential. KlustaKwik is based on the CEM algorithm of Celeux and Govaert (which is faster than the standard EM algorithm), and also uses several tricks to improve execution speed while maintaining good performance.

KlustaWin builds on the KlustaKwik code by implementing a graphical user interface with 3-D visualization of data, but does not change the clustering algorithm, and makes only superficial changes to the source code of that algorithm. Therefore all queries regarding the algorithm or its implementation should be directed to Dr. Harris (although I would be grateful to receive copies of the correspondence if possible).

What KlustaWin looks like...

The image below shows KlustaWin after completing cluster analysis of the first three principal components of a set of extracellular spikes recorded from the abdominal superficial third root of the crayfish.



KlustaWin can export an animated 360-degree view of the 3-D cluster image as an AVI file which can be used in presentations. The AVI file can be converted to a GIF file by external programs for display on the web as below.

Obtaining KlustaWin

KlustaWin is free software. To obtain the program download klustawin510.zip. Right-click on the compressed file and select Open, and run the file setup.exe.Please note that KlustaWin comes with no guarantees whatsoever, and although every effort has been made to ensure that it works correctly, you use it at your own risk.

Current version: 5.1

Source code

The source codes for both KlustaKwik and KlustaWin are available under the GNU General Public Licence. The source for KlustaWin is available here.

If you find KlustaWin useful, and in particular if you make any changes or improvements to it, I would be grateful if you could let both Dr. Harris and myself know.