High-Quality Graphics

DataView can export graphics in high resolution EPS, SVG and HPGL formats, as well as screen resolution WMF format. These are all vector formats that can be read by specialized graphics programmes for incorporation into publication-quality figures. User-specified scale bars can be included in the export so that these can be re-scaled with the data and included directly in the figure if desired.

Convert to Video

Dataview can write digital data Microsoft video (avi) files. This lets you present data in "real time" rather than as static pictures, and may be useful for teaching, conference presentation, or web-based display.

Microsoft Video AVI file

(displays in new page)

(Note: 400 kB file!)

Various commercial or shareware drawing packages are available which can turn video files into animated gif files, which are also suitable for general web display (although without the control or the sound-track of a video).