The moving (I hope) image is an animated gif file. It shows the metachronal swimmeret rhythm recorded from 3 adjacent ganglia of the crayfish abdominal nerve cord.

Animated gif files repeatedly show a sequence of images. To give the illusion of a continuous data record, it is necessary that the final section of data should exactly replicate the initial section. This avoids an unsightly "jerk" at the roll-over point.

The original data was recorded as a 4 second episode using the RC Electronics EGAA data acquisition system (Electronic Chart Recorder mode). Two truncated files were created from this data set, one 0.8 seconds long (the width of the gif view), the other 1.6 seconds long. The first file was concatenated onto the end of the second, and the resulting file was exported as a video (avi) file. These manipulations were all carried out in DataView. The avi file was converted into an animated gif file using Corel Photopaint.