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Software (PC)



Data analysis and display


Neurosim 5

Simulation software
for teaching neuroscience

Free utility software

SpikeShaper: A tool for constructing generalized Hodgkin-Huxley action potential models, with some parameter fitting facilities.

KlustaWin: Unsupervised classification of multidimensional continuous data (aka automatic spike waveform sorting).

Scatter3D: A utility for displaying 3-D data.

RobustFit: Robust locally-weighted scatterplot smoothing (LOWESS) and robust polynomial fitting.

(Almost) all you ever wanted to know about ...


How grasshoppers jump


How nerve cells generate
their resting potential

Jeffress mechanism

How the Jeffress model
for sound localization works

How the Hodgkin-Huxley model
for action potentials works

A text tutorial

And a book ...

Neuroethology of Predation and Escape

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