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geoHeritage Fife was set up in 2000 to extol the virtues of Fife's geological heritage, to produce educational resources in geology, and to promote geotourism. In December 2005, it incorporated Fife RIGS group, whose remit is to identify, describe and notify to Fife Council Planning authorities, sites of local geological and geomorphological importance. The acronym RIGS has recently been replaced by LGS (Local Geodiversity Sites). geoHeritage Fife is a registered Scottish Charity, No. SC032509.

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Page updated: 18 May 2013

GeoPix Exhibition A photographic competition, sponsored by Fife Council, was launched in July 2010 and invited members of the public to submit photographs which captured the variety of Fife's rocks.

Fifty-five people submitted 150 photographs, which were judged at a public event in Kirkcaldy in November 2010. Prizes were awarded to the three best photographs, and with the 22 runners-up, were to be displayed in public. The 25 selected photos were on show in the Byre Theatre, St. Andrews, for the duration of the St. Andrews Arts Festival in Spring 2011, and then they moved to the Carnegie Library, Dunfermline, until mid-November 2011. They are now in store.

Geology of Coal Exhibition Two banner posters describe the formation, extraction and uses of coal. A display case contains examples of different types of coal, and also plant fossils from the Carboniferous Period. This display was exhibited in the museum in Methil; the Mining Heritage Museum, Kinglassie; Rothes Halls, Glenrothes; Adam Smith Institute, Kirkcaldy; Carnegie College campus, Rosyth. It spent Autumn/Winter 2011/12 in the University of St. Andrews, and in the Methil Heritage Centre from March to June 2012.
Scorpion Tracks recorded for posterity In April 2010, geoHeritage Fife commissioned a specialist to take a rubber mould of giant fossil scorpion tracks preserved in sandstone. They were considered to be at risk from coastal erosion and from vandalism. The work was funded by Scottish Natural Heritage and the Geologists' Association. The cast is on display at MUSA, St Andrews University Museum, The Scores. Free entry.
St Andrews Geological Trail This trail explores rippled sandstones, fossil plants and worm burrows, folds, a landslip, and an extinct volcano.

Geology of Fife A wall was built which incorporated examples of 22 different rock types from Fife. It is situated near the Aquarium in St Andrews, by The Scores.
St Monans Geological Trail A trail which includes folds, coral limestone, coal, plant remains, and the remains of salt pans.
Geology of Ladybank A cairn was built using local sandstone with twelve glacially-derived rocks incorporated within the cairn. Some rocks were brought from the ice.
Holy Trinity Church The town kirk of St Andrews contains many types of stone. The ornate pulpit is made of Iona Marble and Caithness flagstone cover the roof.
Dura Den Geological Trail A fast flowing river has cut a gorge through this wooded valley. It was the site of water mills. Sand dunes and river sands form the valley. It was the site of Devonian fish fossils found in the 19th C.
Historical Scientists at St Andrews To mark the 200th anniversary of the Geological Society of London, local geoscientists are remembered, eg. Chambers, Heddle, Brewster, Forbes, Lapworth
Jurassic Garden Trees which grew during the Jurassic Period have been planted in Kinburn Park, a public park in St. Andrews. A plinth made of Jurassic limestone supports a descriptive plaque.
Kinghorn - Kirkcaldy Geological Trail This trail explores a sequence of rocks formed when this part of the Earth lay near the Equator. Limestones were laid down in warm waters and coral reefs abounded, then they were covered by basalt lava flows. Later earth movements caused the rocks to bend and to snap, creating folds and faults.
Kingsbarns Geological Trail <in preparation, 2nd draft, due 2013>
Wormit Shore Geological Trail <in preparation, 3rd draft, due 2013>
Building Stones of St. Andrews <in preparation, 2nd draft>
Stones of St Athernase Church, Leuchars <in 1st draft form>