Peter Adamson

I am the one on the right...

This is a temporary web page, while everything is currently being completely overhauled in the background.

I am interested in classical music, especially instrumental and orchestral, including much 20th century stuff. I play the piano and (tenor) recorder, and also dabble in artistic things such as pottery/sculpture and lino-cut printing (Christmas cards mainly). Generally I whizz around St Andrews by bicycle and go further afield by train.

I have a large number of old recordings (and a high proportion of the modern concert music which was issued on 78s). I have played around for years with techniques for getting better sound (if not quite hi-fi) from old 78s, and have transferred some of my very earliest discs to CD. I am now making some progress using digital audio on a PC (for editing and noise-reduction). I have written many articles for record-collector magazines, on various subjects.

In the top picture, the one with tufted ears is a Canadian bobcat (alas not mine) the cat below is a snow leopard.