Study and Consent Information

The University of St Andrews attaches high priority to the ethical conduct of research. We therefore ask you to consider the following points before approving this form. Pressing 'Continue' confirms that you are happy to participate in the study.

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What is the study about? ↓

Do I have to take part? ↓

Are there any restrictions on who can take part? ↓

What would I be required to do? ↓

Will my participation be anonymous and confidential? ↓

Storage and destruction of data collected ↓

What will happen to the results of the research study? ↓

Reward ↓

Are there any potential risks to taking part? ↓

Consent and approval ↓

Questions ↓

What should I do if I have concerns about this study? ↓

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I have read and understood the study and consent information above.
I understand that I can e-mail Josephine Urquhart ( if I have any questions about the study.
I understand that I can withdraw from the study at any time by closing the browser window/tab or by clicking the 'End Study' button during the study itself.
I understand that my data once processed will be anonymous and that only the researcher will have access to the raw data which will be kept confidentially.
I understand that due to the nature of data storage facilities at the University of St Andrews, there is a very small chance that my anonymous data may be accessed by someone outside the study team.
I agree to my data (in line with conditions outlined above) being used to prepare scientific manuscripts and grant funding applications and to my data being archived and used for further research projects by Akira O'Connor and other bona fide researchers.
I have been made fully aware of the potential risks associated with this research and am satisfied with the information provided.
I am aged 18 or over and agree to take part in the study.