Current Experiments

1. Decisional Utterances Experiment (live: 21/06/2018-present, by Josie Urquhart & Akira O'Connor)

2. Advanced General Knowledge Experiment (live: 13/12/2016-present, by Ben Newman & Akira O'Connor)

3. General Knowledge and Memory Experiment (live: 26/11/2014-present, by Mary Kempnich & Akira O'Connor)

4. General Knowledge Experiment (live: 28/07/2014-present, by Mary Kempnich, Chris Moulin & Akira O'Connor)

5. Memory for Images Experiment (live: 24/02/2014-present, by Magali Pitt & Akira O'Connor)

6. Memory for Words Experiment (live: 16/12/13-present, by Akira O'Connor & Mary Kempnich)

7. Another Memory for Words Experiment (live: 7/9/12-present, by Akira O'Connor)

8. Experiences of Memory Experiment (live: 11/6/12-6/8/12, 21/1/2013-present by Radka Jersakova, A. O'Connor)

Old Experiments

1. Memory Advice for Words Experiment (live: 23/5/12-14/6/12, by A. O'Connor)


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