Group member: Dr David Macfarlane

David Macfarlane is a Senior Research Fellow who obtained an MSci (Hons) in Theoretical Physics from the University of St Andrews in 1999. He then joined the group and developed a close-range rotary-scanned passive mm-wave imager at 94GHz for his PhD, completed in 2002.  Continuing as a PDRA with the group his research has concentrated on the design, development, build and deployment of a variety of millimetre wave radars including AVTIS (94GHz radar/radiometer for monitoring of the Montserrat lava dome), SAFIRE (94Ghz real-time exhibition radar for our EPSRC public outreach programme "Vision for the Future") and most recently  CONSORTIS (340 Ghz real time high resolution airport security radar).  His work has also included advanced radar concepts for security, field trials for helicopter landing guidance radar, real-time radar sensing and tracking of sea waves from boats.


Tel: +44 (0) 1334 461608

Email: dgm5 at st-andrews . ac . uk