St Andrews St Andrews

'Emerging Markets - Can You Hear the Beat of Our Global Economy?'

15 - 17 April 2011
St. Andrews, United Kingdom

Featuring Three Interactive Discussion Panels with Respective Experts:

  1. The Global Crisis Aftermath - Have Emerging Economies Proven Their Superior Stability?
  2. Socialist Structures - Outdated Relicts or Indicators of Sustainable Political Alternatives?
  3. The Emerging Energy Monster - Can We Rein in Our Hungry Nations?

"...The St Andrews Economic Forum was an excellent experience. Smoothly organized, with interesting guest speakers, and a lovely setting in a historic town along the North Sea -- this was a conference not to be missed. Students from a number of universities attended and asked penetrating and well-informed questions."
Professor Deborah Brautigam (American University, Washington DC)


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